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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Pohyal Stori (Biography)


Who is Pohyal Stori?


Pohyal Stori is an ambitious 22-year-old from Germany, currently taking his master's degree in computer science. Regardless of his age, Pohyal Stori has recorded some amazing accomplishments, especially in computer science. He owns multiple IT companies and plans to own more in the nearest future.

Pohyal Stori was born and brought up in Germany. However, his parents are Afghans. This makes Pohyal Stori a German-Afghan (a German citizen with Afghan ancestry).


His Father and Grandfather

Pohyal Stori is the son of Abdul Nasir Stori, who is the grandson to the late Dr. Kabir Stori. Pohyal Stori's grandfather-Dr Kabir Stori-was a popular Pashtun nationalist, a poet-writer from Kunar, and Chairman of the Pashtoon's Social Democratic Party (PSDP).

Just like his father and grandfather, Pohyal aims to fight for the unification of the Pashtuns. Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They are often regarded as Afghan, Pashtoon, Pushtoon, Pathan, and Pukhtoon, by foreigners.


Pohyla and The Pashtun Tribe

Due to his love for the Pashtuns and her language, Pohyla made an effort to introduce his beloved Pashtun language. His effort was a success! In the year 2016, Pohyla ensured that the Pashtun language was included in Google's translation system. By so doing, the world was bound to realize the amazing Pashtun culture and help in the struggle to achieve their longtime goal.


Pohyal and Manzoor Pashteen

Pohyal is a staunch supporter of Manzoor Pashteen and his movements. Manzoor Pashteen is a human rights activist who hails from South Waziristan in Pakistan. Over the years, Manzoor has strived to create awareness of the Pashtun people's sufferings, particularly those from Waziristan ( where he hails), including other parts of  Pakistan. 


He remains the Chairman of a group called the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement-"Pashtun Protection Movement." This movement, which involves both genders, is non-violent. Furthermore, the purpose of this movement is to solidify the significances of peace for the Pashtun tribe.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Pohyal and Manzoor's goal regarding the Pashtun tribe is intricately intertwined. No wonder Pohyal remains a good follower of the human rights activist.

Just like his family and tribe, Pohyal remains steadfast in the fights for the unification and a common Pashtunistan. And he wouldn't relent until it is achieved.

Pohyal Stori's  Career As  A Programmer

Pohyal Stori's love for computer science began when he was little. At the age of 9, little Pohyal began his journey to become one of the best programmers. This amazing journey began at one of the best tech companies in the world, where he enrolled as an intern to learn to program.

Born in German by parents of Afghan background, Pohyal aspires to be a role model for German-Afghans who were brought up multiculturally. Looking at his enormous achievements, one can say that he is indeed an inspiration to those who find themselves in a similar situation as him.


Pohyal and his Invention

Pohyal remains one of the best programmers out there, and his contributions to the digital world are one that must be applauded. He has made some incredible inventions adopted by some of the biggest companies in the world. Pohyal published Pashto WebFont and open source databases, both of which are being used by search engine giant Google and Bing. At just 22, Pohyal is already taking the world by a storm!


Pohyal's Web Fonts

As earlier said, Pohyal created Pashto web Fonts. Web Fonts are CSS features that allow you to indicate font files to be downloaded alongside your website as it is assessed. This means that browsers that are web font-enabled can have the fonts you specify available to them.


Pohyal's Open Source DataBase

His other invention-open source database is a very useful tool. An open-source database retains significant information in software that organizations can take charge of and allows users to design a system according to their specific requirements and business needs. This can be distributed or altered while reviewing the need to scrutinize data from an enormous number of new applications at a reduced cost.

Pohyal's taught himself all that was deemed necessary to be learned. This young, ambitious, and passionate man is well-known for his love for Pashto. He resides in Wesseling, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Pashto On The Internet Through Pohyal Stori.

Among Pohyal's many achievements is creating an amazing software that uses artificial intelligence to translate languages. Artificial intelligence, as we know, is not the only key to language translation; it is also revolutionizing language translation.

Pohyal's software, called nandara GmbH, can perform language translation even better than the common Google Translate from search giants-Google. This is clear evidence that Pohyal is a genius in language translation via Artificial Intelligence and computer science.


Nandara GmbH Compared With Google Translate and Microsoft's Bing.

Google Translate and Bing from Microsoft are two well-known translation software. However, thanks to Pohyal's creation, we can boldly say that these software have a strong competitor in nandara GmbH.


Nandara GmbH, Google Translate, and Bing, which is better?

Nandara GmbH performs a similar operation with Google Translate and Microsoft's Bing. The only difference between Pohyal's nadara GmbH and the other translations software is that nadara GmbH performs language translation better.

When Pohyal was just 16, he developed an impressive automated system that developed further his mother's language and the official language of Afghanistan: Pashto. Pashto is spoken by over 70% of Afghans. 


The Automated System.

The automated system developed by Pohyal is one of its kind.  This impressive system offers unlimited tax translation. This means that you can translate as much as you like with this system, unlike other conventional translation systems. The translation volume and number of characters for each translation are unlimited. 

Nandara GmbH boasts of several stunning features. This software can translate an entire document. It can change the language of a document while retaining the original format to save precious time. The nandara GmbH also has advanced customization options. You can customize the Pashto translator's result to your requirements.

In the world of today, data security is very important. Pohyal designed his software to have rigid data security. What does this mean? It simply means that your translations are subject to the world's highest data protection standards. I addition, your texts are deleted immediately after translation.


Be Inspired By Pohyal's Achievements

Afghanistan needs young people like Pashto. People who can give to the world. Precisely, Afghanistan and the world generally need people who are self-taught and keen on building third world countries.





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